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#GIVINGTUESDAY! Tuesday, December 1st

Special Neighbors is challenging everyday heroes from our community to empower and assist individuals with developmental disabilities to live and participate in the community by providing the gift of reliable transportation. Learn more.

Special Neighbors provides supports and services based on individual needs, wants and capabilities. The persons we support live in many different types of residences primarily located in Eastern Jackson County.

We use the Person Centered approach for supports and services to ensure the dignity and respect of all persons served.  We adhere to and promote the Missouri Quality Outcomes that focus on supporting persons with disabilities to have an improved quality of life.  Below are some of the Missouri Quality Outcomes that express our philosophy.

  • People belong to their community.
  • People have a variety of personal relationships.
  • People's communication is understood and deserves a response.
  • People express their own personal identity.
  • People have control of their daily lives.
  • People have the opportunity to advocate for themselves, for others, and for causes they believe in.


Our vision:

All people are accepted as they are and have the opportunity to lead a life that is meaningful to them.

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